A Slightly Sexier Speaking Clock...

Thursday! It's officially the weekend tomorrow! Huzzah!

Tom revealed this morning that the speaking clock still receives 60 million calls a year! Blimey! Seriously? I can honestly say i've never phoned it in my life. Either i'll just ask someone for the time or i'll find out my own way. The speaking clock voice is just a tad on the boring a dull side isn't it?

Cue Jack!

He reckons the speaking clock should be sexier. He's recorded a demo for the speaking clock company so he could get the job.

Have a listen to this, you'll love it....

The Sexy Speaking Clock

I think he could get the job.


BIG DAY TOMORROW!! Not only is it the final of the big town showdown (will anyone manage to beat Chris in Copthorne's time?!), it's also the final of the competition we've had running all week to win a trip to Dallas, TEXAS!

Tylie has been playing all week but this morning she got her 1st question wrong! Noooo!!! So Bernie swooped in, got that answer correct as well as the following 2! So Bernie will be back with us tomorrow from 7:25 with 3 more questions to get right. You still have a chance to steal it away! SO TENSE!! DON'T MISS IT!!

See ya tomorrow!!

Nic xx