April Fools!

Pinch, punch, 1st of the month.... 1st of April, which means, it's April Fools Day!! GOTCHA!!

This morning it was so so difficult to keep it together in the studio!

Just after 8am Tom, Jack and myself made a HUGE announcement that Madonna will be performing an intimate gig here in Sussex to promote her new album 'GOTTCHA' (surely that was the giveaway)...

April Fools

The only way to get tickets would be to phone the number we gave you on air. 

The phone lines went bananas!!!!

Those that got through, got through to the 'Hot Concert ticket line'.......my face is still hurting I was laughing so much.

Here are the calls.....enjoy!! Hahaha!!

April Fools



We'll see ya tomorrow when from 7:20 you'll have another chance to knock current champion Tylie out and win your way to Dallas, Texas!!

Nic xx