Ask Jack Anything

It's the weekend! HUZZAH!

This morning Tom revealed the difficult questions you get asked when applying to go to Cambridge University. They're pretty tough but somehow Jack seemed to know the answers! He got a tad on the smug side. So Tom and Nicola decided to open the phonelines for you, our listeners to ask Jack some of the worlds unanswerable questions to see if we could catch him out. He had an answer for everything!! Listen to this....

Also as Jack's baby is a day overdue, Jack has been turning up to the studio with his MMB (Maternity Man Bag). You would not believe the stuff he has in there. Tom and Nicola had a little rummage and this is what they found-
- Sausage Rolls (He might get hungry)
- A towel (He may get in the birthing pool, although there is no swimming trunks.....bit worrying)
- Harry Rednapp's biography (possible boredom)
- A can of JD and Coke (to celebrate)
- An onion.......(he accidentally picked it up thinking it was an apple. Yep)
Heart Breakfast received lots of messages of good luck for Jack and his Wife. Will the baby be here by Monday? You'll have to tune in Monday to find out whether Jack turns up or not!