Baby Shower And Baby Prince George

It was a different kind of Wednesday today!

Tom and Nicola were in the studio without Jack this morning.


Well today was Jack The Lad's baby shower!
Jack's 2nd baby is due TOMORROW so he was coming live this morning from 'Uniquely You' in Hove where he and several other expectant fathers from Sussex were being treated to bit of pampering before their baby's come along.
Tom and Nic thought the women get treated a lot and it's only fair that the men get a look in too, so they organised facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and some baby shower games for them to all celebrate together.
Turns out Jack is slightly more feminine than we thought!
Click here to have a little look at some of the photos from this morning.
It's baby madness today!
As you may well know it's baby Prince George's christening today. Will and Kate are having a small do and having close friends as his godparents. Cheeky buffet maybe. Couple of mini sausage rolls. Probably a CD player playing a compilation of Elton John and The Spice Girls.
Tom and Nicola were very lucky to have a world exclusive interview this morning with Prince George himself! YES!! They managed to catch up with him just before the ceremony. Have a listen to this....

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