Big Cinema NO NO's

It's Tuesday! This morning was just Tom and Nicola on air as Jack was feeling a tad on the poorly side.

Tom revealed that Mel C, yes Sporty spice herself was caught with her pants down, literally. She was on a train and popped in to the carriage toilet, you know the one with the slidey curved door, yeh that one, and the door opened! Bare in mind it was a packed train! They all spotted her, she couldn't even slam the door! We asked 'where is the most random place you've spotted a celeb?'

Tom once spotted popstar Darius hiding under a car!
But the best spot of the day had to go to Bev. She had just had a check up at the dentist, she comes out into the waiting room and who is sitting there? DAME JUDY DENCH!! (Maybe she was having her DENCHers fixed.......)
From one celeb mistake to another....Madonna has been banned from a cinema chain after being on her phone throughout a WHOLE film! Cheeky! Tom and Nic set some rules today. The big cinema NO NO'S, here are the best ones...
- No phones
- No talking
- No feet on seats
- All tall people must sit at the back (suggested by Tony in Bexhill)
- No coughing (Michelle in Crawley)
 Also on Heart breakfast Nicola played another round of 'Play your Followers right!!!', this time is was based around Hollywood A listers. Tom was a little bit pants. Well maybe pants is an understatement, listen to this...
Make sure you tune in tomorrow morning, we'll have another round of the Big Town Showdown from 8:30