Can A Man And A Woman Just Be Friends?

Start of a new week! It's Monday again!

This morning on Heart Breakfast, Tom's back after his week off and it was just him and Nicola in the studio as Jack has the week off to spend some quality time with his newborn son Eddie.

This week is the start of 'Roll for Robbie'! Your chance to see Robbie Williams to perform a very exclusive intimate gig for Heart listeners only. These are money can't buy tickets, the only way you can go is by listening to Heart! It's so intimate that you could even get eye contact! Keep listening to Heart and you could be going to that gig you luck lucky thing!
Tom opened a can of worms this morning by questioning if a boy and a girl can be friends without there being loving feelings involved. Have you ever misread someone and thought they were more than friends? Tom and Nic had a chat with an annonymous caller, she wouldn't even say where she was from! She has been good friends with a guy for over 11 years and she fancies him like mad! He's married and has no idea how she feels, if she told him her feelings it would ruin their friendship. Is she making the right call by keeping her feelings to herself? It must be awful to love someone who you can never be with. Tom strongly thinks it's impossible for a girl and boy to be friends, one will always fancy the other!
Make sure you listen to Heart Breakfast tomorrow as it's bonfire night! The show may go off with a bang.....badum bum pshhhhhh.