A Challenge For Tom, Nicola And Jack!

Welcome to a fresh new week! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nic and Jack have been set a challenge!!! Well, Jack set the challenge. Each of them must write a 1 and a half minute Christmas song! They must be written and recorded ready for Wednesday's show. They have no idea whose song will be played first. It must NOT include lyrics from other songs and must NOT include the medley of any other Christmas song! It'll be tough but they're all feeling quite competitive!!

Also this morning, Tom revealed that Adele has invited David Walliams round for Christmas dinner. What an awesome Christmas dinner guest that would be!
But who would you NOT want round for Christmas dinner?
Cara in Reigate said she wouldn't want Jack Dee!
Nicola suggested Mr Blobby! He would be very very messy.
Tom reckons Gordon Ramsey would be a nightmare. Lots of swearing and he's pick on your cooking.
Make sure you listen to Heart Breakfast tomorrow morning from 6 as Tom, Nic and Jack will be making a classic Heart Top 10. Tomorrow's is Christmas films that arn't Christmas films but if you add a Christmas word it makes them Christmas films....