Cheryl's Back Baby!!

Oh! Hello there!

Another day, another top 10 for you!

Isn't this weather perfect?! After the horridness that was our winter we thought we'd make you feel nice and summery this morning by celebrating this warm weather that has sprung upon us.
We wanted any song, merged with anything related to the warm weather. 
I have to say, you, the glorious people of Sussex and Surrey are always on top form when it comes to puns and this morning was no let down!! Did you make out list?
Big celeb news this morning too! Cheryl Cole is returning to the XFactor!! It's been confirmed!! Jack wasn't satisfied though, he thinks it should be jazzed up to keep our attention........everytime they hit a bum note, give them an electric shock!! YEH!!
Have a great day in the warmth and i'll see ya bright and early tomorrow. Ooooohhhh we have a big announcement for you just after 8 tomorrow!! Wonder what it could be?!!!!
Nic x