Jack's Classified Pop-Music Football Results

Jack pays tribute to one of the most legendary voices from Saturday teatime TV.

Today Jack brought us the news that one of the most legendary voices from Saturday teatime TV is soon to retire. Wondering who? Have a listen below.

Jack's Classified Pop Music Football Results

Also, Tom and Jack are taking their bromance to a new level this weekend… they’re off camping together.

Granted their families are going with them so they’re bound to have some tales to tell on their return. Jack likes to really rough it when he’s camping…he’s all about dock leaves and fishing for his dinner. Tom on the other hand is a little nervous about the potential lack of luxury. He’s the kind of guy that has all the gear but no idea. We decided to try and put his mind at ease about the whole camping malarkey. NOT! We wanted your ‘When Camping Goes Bad…’ stories and as always you didn’t disappoint. Gayle called to tell us their tent was invaded by an army of sweet-toothed squirrels who chewed through their cereal boxes and munched the whole lot and Sue in Southwick’s tent got seriously flooded in the rain one night. They got up to dry things out the next morning only to discover a pony polishing off their Doritos! Have fun Tommy!!

This morning was also the big final of our game ‘Window Shopping’ with Shaws of Brighton and James from Crowborough was our lucky winner. Later this year he’ll be living it up on a £1m yacht just off the coast of Palma, Majorca. Can we come too pleeeeeease James?!


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Tom will be on holiday so the luscious Tony Shepherd will be looking after things…plus if you’re struggling to keep the kids entertained for the summer holidays we’ve got £350 worth of National Trust vouchers for you to win every day!