Come On In!....

Hiya! Yes it's Monday, which is pants, but what's stopping us from having a bit of fun ey?

This morning Tom revealed he's super excited about this new family that'll be moving in next door to him this week.

But surely, he needs to suss them out before he makes friends. Right?

The one thing that he needs to know is what they do for a living so he can work out how to use it in his favour.

We played a little fantasy game this morning. Who would be the perfect person to move in next door. 

*ding dong* "Oh hello there, my name is ......, i've just moved in next door and I'm a........"

You had to fill in the gaps......Well, well, well. It seemed that you all had one thing on your minds!

Listen to this....

Who's At The Door?

You saucy lot!!! Haha!

See you tomorrow morning where you can join in with another round of the Big Town Showdown!

See you then!

Nic xx