Confession Time!!!

It's a fresh new week! Welcome to a slightly less wet Monday.

This morning was confession time!!!! Well for Jack anyway.

Apparently many of us still keep childhood secrets from our parents. So to encourage you to do the right thing we thought we'd set a good example by never keeping secrets.
We got Jack's mum on the phone this morning! He had a little something to confess, listen to this...
Tomorrow it's Tom's turn. His mum will be on the show and he'll opening own up to something he did as a child.
Then Wednesday I'll be confessing something naughty I did to my dad! ARGH!! I'm nervous about it already!!
Ooooohhhh it'll be such a good listen! Awkward. Slightly cringy. But SUCH a good listen! Tune in just after 8!
Nic x