Do You Love An Inanimate Object?

Welcome to Tuesday!

First of all, myself, Tom and Jack would like to congratulate Peter Andre and Emily on their engagement!! Fantastic news!

This morning we were chatting about love for inanimate objects.
There was a guy in Kansas who ran back into a burning building to save his XBox. Seriously?!!! It's a compute console! He could just get another one. Is that really worth risking your life for? Plonker...
Jack has a weird love for Tina.
Oh Tina is his TV by the way. Yeh. He has a name for his Tele.
He actually chats to her. I do worry about him sometimes.
Tom then declared his love for his sporting equipment. He has been known to sit and watch TV with his cricket bat. Honestly.
For me, it's not a love but a lust. If i ever buy a new outfit then i always have a moment of heading to the wardrobe, opening the doors and breathing a sigh of loveliness. Like "oh i'm so pleased with my purchase". Know what i mean?
Make sure you listen at 7:25 tomorrow as we'll be giving away another pair of tickets to the XFactor tour! They'll be at the Brighton Centre on the 17th of March.
Nic x