Does A Duck's Quack Echo?


On yesterday's show Tom brought up a myth that he believed WASN'T a myth. 'A ducks quack does not echo'. He strongly believed that was true and it was something to do with the shape of the bill. Nicola and Jack were not having it. So much so that Jack headed out to prove it.

Jack went to Washbrook farm to find a duck, yeh.
Would a ducks quack echo or not? We heard the evidence on this mornings show!
Watch this!

Also this morning, Nicola found a list with the most ridiculous requests/questions asked at hotels. Honestly, you will not believe some of them! Here's her top 6...
1. Does your pet policy include my two pet llamas?
2. Before I book a room, can you let me know which way you have to turn your key to unlock the door?
3. How can I get a signal on this phone? (the customer was holding a TV remote control)
4. Can you fill my bath with milk?
5. Do you offer a sleep sitting service, as I need someone to watch over me whilst I am sleeping as I tend to sleep walk.
6. Can I borrow your wedding ring, as my best man has lost the rings and I am getting married this morning?
Ridiculous right? Well they're all true, we promise!
Make sure you listen to Heart Breakfast on Monday, in light of the duck quack, Tom and Jack want to bring back a game for one day only, Nic has never played before. It's gonna be hilarious! Have a lovely weekend!