Fifty Shades Of Geordie

The weekend is finally upon us! So the kids went back to school this week and Tom, Nicola and Jack wanted your help coming up with the top 10 'Back to School Celebrity puns'. Had some very impressive texts and calls in. Just to name a few -

 - CANTEENa Turner

- Michael CANE


- RULER Lenska 

*Badum tshhhhhh*

Also, Nicola is rather looking forward to the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie. As we all know, Charlie Hunnam has been cast as Christian Grey and he's from the lovely area of Newcastle. Now, because of this, they've had to tweek the script. Heart breakfast had an exclusive this morning, listen below to hear a clip from the up and coming movie - 

50 Shades Of Grey Clip


The Wanted

We've got your chance to MEET THE WANTED! Listen Monday from 7.20 for all the details. And don't forget The Big Town Showdown is back on Monday! Represent your town and answer 10 general knowledge questions for the place you live and love. Have a great weekend!