Friday 13th Superstitions

Isn't it nice being Friday!

It's not an average Friday though, it's FRIDAY THE 13TH!! Are you superstitious?

Well, this morning Tom, Nicola and Jack stared superstition in the face by breaking as many superstitions as possible in 1 minute...

- walking under a ladder

- smashing a mirror

- a black cat crossing your path

Listen here to find out how they got on...

We Breakdown Superstitions

Nicola came out with a bit of a surprise for Tom and Jack this morning. She is taking them to Funabounds trampoline centre in Uckfield. She is setting them the challenge of learning a trampoline routine whilst singing one of her favourite Backstreet Boys songs so they can see just how tough trampolining actually is.

Tune in on Monday to find out how they got on. 

Have a fab weekend!!