Friday: Backstage At The Panto

Every week it gets better...

Jack did a fantastic "You've Got the Wrong Number Mate" today.

This is where Jack rings a random number and basically keeps the person on the end of the phone talking as long as possible!

Today's poor victim was so patient and so lovely. Jack as always put on a great performance!! Listen back online!

Hear all of his calls by clicking HERE!

Peter Andre with Tom, Kaz & Jack

Today was the last day of the Peter Andre competition and we had the lovely Sue on the phone to play the game.

Who's life is this in 4 words- Beard, Presents, Belly, Suit (very difficult today of course)

Sue guessed correctly that it was Father Christmas so she will be going to see Pete in concert next week!

And Tom and Jack started Panto rehersals yesterday. They have started a video diary to show Sussex and Surrey what's happening behind the scenes at the Worthing Pavillion! 


Next week on Heart Breakfast Kaz is going to decorate the studio and get everyone feeling festive. We look forward to the Heart GALA night at the Panto and we crown the Big Town Showdown Champion for this season!  

It's going to be a busy week!