Friday: Heart Breakfast BBQ

What better way to kick off the Bank Holiday weekend than a BBQ!!!

With the 3 day weekend here and glorious weather ahead Tom, Kaz and Jack thought it would be a great idea to crack open the burgers, throw the coals in the barbie and have a little Heart Breakfast BBQ!! It is a gorgeous day, all the Heart staff got in early and Malpass Market supplied us with some tasty meat!

Jack The Lad does the BBQ

Jack did a great job of sorting out the food, it was very tasty and everyone has survived so far!

Kaz tasted the first burger (probably to check they were safe before everyone else tucked in).

Kaz Eats A Burger

She said it was very nice! And Jack even put on a little square of that orange plastic cheese. Yummy!

And the staff at Heart enjoyed it too.....

Heart Team BBQ

Big smiles all round! Who says you can't have a BBQ at 8am in the morning! A lovely treat, thanks to Jack for doing all the cooking!

So why not have your own BBQ this weekend?! It is going to be lovely weather! And if you have it on Monday, Heart will have the best of the Noughties playing all day so your music for the day is all sorted! We have some cracking tunes lined up for you!

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend and we will see you on Tuesday!