Friday: Kaz's Boyfriend Is Telling Fibs

Kaz's boyfriend Mitch is away at the moment on a snowboarding holiday with the lads in Andorra. He has had a fairly quiet holiday and told Kaz that him and the boys were "back at the chalet having a cup of tea and he was reading a book"

However, Tom and Jack thought he had been a little generous with the truth and that was guy code which meant something else. We put it into the "Man Translator" and this is what came out.....

Bob said it actually meant "Hi babe, I'm just back at the chalet changing because I've got lipstick all over this shirt!"

Simon said it meant "I'm just back at the chalet getting my speedos on because the girls from the Andorra Hockey Team are having a hot tub party"  

The Script the band

Today was the last day of our "What's that Script" competition….

The lucky player today was Mel and she was randomly selected first to play. It was Tom's turn today to pick a movie script out of one bowl and an accent out of another bowl. He picked "American (Deep South)" and he read out the movie script to the best of his ability.....which wasn't great! ;) 

Mel correctly guessed the script he was reading was from the movie "Back to The Future" and she won herself 4 tickets to see The Script at the Brighton Centre next week! She is taking her children because they love the band. Have a great time!

Kaz is off on Monday but Tom and Jack will be here with loads of great music, more celeb news than you can shake a stick at and they will let you know how they got on at the football on Sunday night!

Have a great weekend!