Friday: A Snowy Friday Song

It's Heeeeeeeeeeeere!!! The snow is here! Tom, Kaz and Jack were on SNOW-WATCH this morning keeping an eye on the white stuff and giving you all the updates you need!

Lots of you were texting in and telling us which area's of Sussex and Surrey were getting the first snowflakes of the day. 

It was a big day for Bognor today in the Big Town Showdown. Jim wanted to play for the town he loves and get the best score he possibly could. The game goes like this: you get 10 general knowledge questions and a 10 second time penalty for every question you get wrong. You need to answer the questions as quickly as possible to get the best score!

Jim got EVERY question right! So with NO time penalties to add he managed a fantastic score of 38.8! This puts Bognor at the top of the BTS leaderboard! Well done Jim and what a great day for Bognor! You can hear his round below.


And as we do every Friday we took a look back at all the big stories of the week in our 60 second music review of the week, The Friday Song.


It's going to be very heavy snow over the next few days so take it easy if you're driving and if you are at home get the sledge out and make a snowman!

Have a great weekend and we will be back Monday morning with the lovely lads from Lawson on the show!

Love Tom, Kaz and Jack :)