Friday: Strange Christmas Traditions

Today on the show we talked about little Christmas traditions you have in your house after Tom told us about some weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from around the world.

Tom's family every year (even now they are adults) all go and sit on his parents bed every Christmas morning to unwrap their stockings!

Lots of people on the text said that they actually do the same as Tom which made him feel a bit better. We had a great call from Steven who said it's a Christmas tradition in their house to randomly throw a whole tin of Quality Street over someone as they walk in their house! Bizarre!

Wizard of Oz - Worthing

And it was opening night last night...…

Of Heart's Gala Performance of the Wizard of OZ in Worthing.

Tom and Jack had been rehearsing hard and last night was the big night. The Crowd had taken their seat and it was time to get the show on the road!

Tom and Jack sang, danced and acted their little socks off on what was an amazing show. The cast, costumes and music were amazing and the crowd was going wild for Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin-Man, Scarecrow and the witches! Lots of children from the local area were in the panto and put on an amazing performance, and also Darren our Heart competition winner who won a walk on part in the show.

A fantastic start to a brilliant panto season. We could not be any prouder of Tom and Jack. Go boys!

X Factor

And it was a big week in the news what with James Arther winning the X Factor, the cold weather and Tom Cruise starring in a new movie. We looked back at it all in our 1 minute musical review which we call "The Friday Song".



On the show next week Tom, Kaz and Jack really get in the Christmas spirit and the boys will give us all the gossip from the panto's this weekend!

See you Monday folks!