Friday: Things That Should Be Banned

We was talking about the things that you like to banned from society forever? It all came about after a man was forced to remove his stone lion statues because local residents protested they were in "bad taste".

Natalie came on and told us how she thought that the "Keep Calm and..." statements should all be banned. Tom & Jack couldn't agree more  but Kaz quite likes them. 

Emma also said guys that wear their trousers half way down their bum and Paul said those over romantic posts on Facebook. 

Big Town Showdown

We had a very nervous contestant playing the Big Town Showdown today. It's not that easy when it's your turn to play and Sue from Peacehaven would agree with that!

She didn't have a terrible round but she got a few wrong which resulted in a few time penalties so it bumped up her final score to 99.4 which currently puts Peacehaven in 7th position on the BTS leader board. 

Nice try though Sue!

Davina, CBB

On Monday's show we have the lovely Davina McCall on the show...... 

She will be telling us what she is up to in Sussex in a few weeks time and giving us all the gossip on Got To Dance and of course we will we ask her about Big Brother!

Have a great weekend!!