Friday: A Very Festive Show

So Tony and Kaz were feeling very festive today......

Tony said Christmas just would not be Christmas in his house without dates. He said no-one ever eats them but they are always there! Kaz said the evening cold buffet with leftover turkey, pickled onions and cheese/crackers is always in her house at Christmas. 

So we asked you to complete this question this morning:

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without __________.

Laura- Games with the kids and of course doctor who n stenders!!

Stephen-  The coca cola "holidays are coming" ads....

Kim-  My nans trifle lol

Charlotte- The santa claus movie.... The one with dudley moore!

Sarah- The terrible Dad dancing!!!

Karly-  Kids screaming with excitement and bring woken up super early.

Sussex and Surrey are definately in the mood for Christmas!! 


And as far as Tony and Kaz are aware the world is still here and hasn't ended!

Earth (500 wide)

All that worrying for nothing! 

Thanks to Tony for filling in the last couple of days for Tom and Jack. The boys will be back on Monday and Kaz will be back in the New year. 

Roll on Christmas, not many more sleeps till Santa!!