Friday: A Very Special Show

Today was a very special show.... It was Heart Breakfast's "Brighton Half Marathon sign up show!"


Tom, Kaz and Jack had 100 places to give away between 8am-9am for people to get involved and raise some cash for Childline and Neuroblastoma Alliance UK. They are two fantastic charities and the "Have a Heart" runners are hoping to raise at least £25,000!

There were interviews from the Childline Community Fundraising Manager for Sussex Russell Squire and also the Chief Exec of Neuroblastoma Alliance UK Alison Moy. 

We also had a very special interview with Matt White who is the father of Felix White, the little boy who sadly lost his fight to Neuroblastoma. If you are in ANY doubt as to how important the money we are raising is, listen to the below link. 


We had so many calls and the 100 places were very quickly filled up including Matt White and his wife Colleen also offering to take part!

Heart Breakfast's Tom Evans is taking part and running the Brighton Half Marathon ahead of the Brighton Marathon next year! 

We all wish Tom lots of luck and will be supporting him and all of the Have a Heart Runners over the next few months. 

 Big Town Showdown

Next week on Heart Breakfast we will have more Big Town Showdown, Twitter Chatter, You've Got the Wrong Number Mate, The Early Morning Quickie and more great music than you can shake a stick at! And after feeling a bit guilty, Jack finally got Tom a housewarming gift! Will it be a photo frame, a vase or salt and pepper shakers?

Have a great weekend!