Friday:Tom & Jack Dress Up & Prank Calls

So today was a big day for Wayne...... He has been on the show since Wednesday playing for the dream holiday to The Azores! Today was was the final day and if he won he would get a 7 night holiday to The Azores with a whale watching excursion!!

Whale Azores Photos

Wayne was amazing and answered all of today's questions correctly AGAIN!! So him and his lovely wife are off on their travels to see the whales in a truly beautiful setting. Well done! What a fantastic week!


There was a dirty battle in the studio today, Tom and Jack were at it AGAIN!! 

Tom & Jack pose as firemen

They had an argument earlier on in the week about who would make the sexiest fireman. Tom said he has the looks and posing ability but Jack said he has the body and rugged charm of an actual fireman! There was only one way to put this to the test! Get the boys in full Fireman gear down at Shoreham Community Firestation and have a photo shoot!

Hundreds of you go involved on Facebook to let us know who you think was best!

Angie-  I thought that it'd be Jack, but actually Tom is by far the sexier fireman!!! Sorry Jack ;0)

Ali-  TOM, it might have been Jack if he had less clothes on

Dave- Looks like Tom is sitting on the toilet!!!

Jane- I think they both have their merits, Jack looks rugged in action, whilst Tom looks cool & pensive.Jane, Eastbourne  

You can see the full gallery of photos by clicking here.


Jack Wrong Number

Also this morning Jack had another "You've Got TheWrong Number Mate" where Jack calls a random number and trys to keep them on the phone for as long as possible. We thought that it was Jack's best one yet! 

You can hear it by clicking here.


Lawson Ultrasound

On Monday's don't miss our interview with the lovely Lawson boys, we have the Early Morning Quickie at 6.20am and Kaz has a bit of a dilemma!!

Have a great weekend!