The Greatest Ever Comeback To Fame

The summer continues in Sussex and Surrey…woohooo!

Sarah was today’s lucky winner of £5000 worth of holiday essentials thanks to the lovely people at The Sun. There are still two chances for you to win tomorrow and Friday so make sure you’re listening from 7am!

 If you’re off on holiday soon Tom had some important advice as he revealed the three craziest driving laws in Europe. In France you’re required to carry a breathalyser at all times, in Spain you can only park on certain sides of the road on certain days of the week and in Belarus it is illegal to drive a dirty car! All useful stuff if you plan to drive on the continent this summer. Tom had his own scary experience once in Greece when he managed to get his 4x4 wedged in an underground car park…awkward. After causing a 3 hour queue that was backed up around the town’s one way system he managed to get his vehicle out causing considerable damage to the car…and to his marriage. Oh the shame!

Lyns told us that legendary soap queen Barbara Windsor is set to return to EastEnders later in the year…which got us chatting about the greatest comebacks of all time. Lynsey thought that it had to be Peter Andre and for Tom it had to be Noel Edmonds. You texted in and told us who you thought it was.



On tomorrow’s show it’s your penultimate chance to walk away with £5000 worth of holiday essentials including 4 iPad Minis, designer sunglasses and a whole heap of spending money…plus we’ll be asking if you’ve ever fallen in love at first sight. Awwww…