Hair troubles....

Wednesday!!! It's the middle of the week and a beautiful sunny day! Hurray!

This morning got a tad heated between myself and Jack.

Basically, I watched a show last night called 'Hair'. It's a bit like the bake off but for hair styling. Creating styles, cutting hair etc. I loved it!!!
So I mentioned it on air this morning and Jack said, and I quote...."how difficult is it to cut hair straight?! If I can cut wrapping paper straight, I can cut hair straight. Easy".
He actually said that. I completely disagree! There is so much skill and training involved in hairdressing! A bad haircut and ruin someones life! It changes the shape of your face! Am I right or am I right?!
Anyway, it went on for a bit and we got so many messages through. We got a text from Sinead who said we should go head to head in a challenge with the loser.....losing so hair!! SERIOUSLY!!! JACK HAS NO HAIR!! SO, I have agreed as long as, if I win, I get to shave off both of Jack's eyebrows! YEH!!!! BRING IT ON!!!
Tomorrow......the challenge happens! No idea what it's gonna be but yeh, it's happening tomorrow just after 8! ARGH!!
Nic x