Heart Breakfast Best Bits - Sumo Suits!

This week was all about 'Tom and Nicola's adventures in sumo suits'!!!!. Catch all the videos and best bits of the week here.

This week Jack was away so Tom and Nicola had a week of 'Adventures in sumo suits!' They headed out and about, attempting 'everyday' things in gigantic sumo suits. As you do.

Tom's 1st challenge was to head out and buy a car......You HAVE to watch this video. Absolutely hilarious

He did a very good job i'm sure you'll agree. Next up, it was Nicola's turn! Her challenge was to buy a bed. Seriously. How on earth did she manage to keep a straight face? Plus, you HAVE to see the end of the video, you'll cry with laughter.

Then came the big finale. Tom and Nic had to head out together to the middle of busy Brighton to have a game of twister.....again, in giant sumo suits. This video is well worth going out of your way to watch....brilliant!

Also this week Tom and Nic had fun with some misheard song lyrics, coming up with 'middle aged Harry Potter titles' and much more. You can listen to the best bits below or download it by clicking the downwards arrow in the soundcloud box.

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