How Did Tom Get On Busking?

It's the middle of the week, Wednesday!!

This morning we had a bit of a treat. Well, Tom headed out yesterday to try his hand at busking. He went to County Mall in Crawley with his Ukulele to entertain the shoppers and to earn a few pennies.

All this week Tom, Nicola and Jack are attempting to be thrifty. They're earning a few extra pounds doing odd jobs which they'll spend at a charity shop tomorrow to buy a new outfit each.
Earlier this week Jack went windscreen washing in Shoreham, Nicola went to Brighton station and charged £1 for a cuddle and Tom went busking.
If you didn't hear how he got on on this mornings show then fear not. You can hear it here!...

What a voice that man has!!
On tomorrow's show, just after 8, we'll hear how much Tom, Nic and Jack have earned. Then they'll be heading out tomorrow afternoon to buy their outfits from the charity shop. Expect some sort of fashion photoshoot type thing on Friday...