Interrupted By A Wild Animal

Middle of the week, it's Wednesday!

So a guy in Sweden came back to his house to fine 5 drunk Elks standing outside his house. He found them rather threatening and couldn't get indoors for some time, so, this morning Tom, Nicola and Jack were asking 'When has a wild animal interrupted your day?'. Oh boy did they get some interesting calls through. Tom's favourite story of the day was from Polly in Storrington. Have a listen to this....

When Have You Been Interupted By A Wild Animal

Moral of the story - Always carry a spare Tshirt!

So, the kids are back to school and Tom, Nicola and Jack were giving away some SERIOUS cash this morning!

The average school dinner works out at around £3 a day so Heart Breakfast decided to play the DINNER MONEY DOUBLE DARE!

Tom, Nic and Jack got Mack, 6, from Lancing on the phone to offer him a chance of a lifetime to win up to £24! That's pretty much the cost of his dinner money for nearly 2 weeks! WOH!

Mack received £3 just for getting through to the studio, he then had to answer 3 questions and doubled his money for every correct answer. Ooooooh it was so tense! He was a gambler. He went for it. And he got every answer correct! WELL DONE MACK!

We will be playing Dinner Money Double Dare every morning for the rest of this week so make sure you listen for your chance to win MEGA BUCKS!