Jack's Having A Baby Shower!

It's Thursday and what a beautiful Thursday it is!

This morning on Heart Breakfast Tom, Nicola and Jack were searching for the fastest thumb in the west......of Sussex, East of Sussex and Surrey.

They set a challenge for all of those who had a mobile phone sitting in their hands. The first person to text through to the studio a certain message with correct spelling and punctuation would be crowned champion and nab themselves tickets to see Blue at the Brighton Centre as well as some Heart goodies too.
The message was as follows - 'Heart Breakfast is the greatest show in the world. Tom, Nicola and Jack are incomparable as presenters!'
The first person to text in, complete with correct spelling and punctuation was Chloe from Lewes! She text in with a superb time of 23 seconds!! She is officially the fastest thumb in the west......of Sussex, East Sussex and Surrey.
Also this morning, Tom and Nicola have set up a little treat for Jack. As\most of us know, Jack is due to be a father for the 2nd time next week. His baby is due next Thursday (24th). Tom and Nic think it's a tad unfair that the women are the only ones to get pampered before a baby arrives. So they've organised a baby shower for Jack and other expectant fathers in Sussex and Surrey. We're talking a full on pamper morning at Uniquely You in Hove complete with a relaxing treatment. 
If you are an expectant father or know someone that is and want to register to join Jack next Wednesday morning between 6 and 9am then click here.
Plus, Tom, Nic and Jack had a debate about whether a Duck's quack actually does echo.....apparently it doesn't (according to Tom). Jack is heading out to Washbrook Farm today to put this myth to rest. Make sure you tune in tomorrow to find out what happens.