Jack Faces His Phobia

It's Chooooosday!

This morning Jack revealed he was linked to Barak Obama! He is actually 6 connections away from the President! It's a bit tenuous as it includes a friends dog but hey, it's a connection none the less. We were asking who you are connected to. Here is our favourite.....

What a beautiful week! Yesterday was so sunny, doesn't even feel like October does it?! Jack wasn't really concentrating on the weather yesterday though....



Yesterday Tom, Nicola and Jack set up the 'Roulette wheel of fear'!

There were 4 names on the wheel - Tom, Nicola, Jack and Listener.... Yesterday the wheel was spun and it landed on 'Jack'. UH OH.

Jack has a huge phobia of large, vast buildings. He describes it as 'that feeling you'd get when swimming under an oil rig'.

Tom and Nicola took Jack to Lancing College, where they have the most spectacular chapel! The biggest school chapel in the world in fact!

How would he cope with it? Would he set foot inside? This is how he got on.... 

This morning on Heart Breakfast, the 'roulette wheel of fear' was spun again............it landed on.........LISTENER!!

Lots of you text into the show yesterday with your phobias, if you did, BEWARE. Jack could be heading to your workplace today with your fear in tow!

Find out what happens tomorrow after 8!