Jack The Lad's Wimbledon Report

For some reason Tuesdays always seem to be the silliest day of the week on Heart Breakfast and today was no exception!

Jack’s favourite story of the day involved a lady who was disturbed in the night by a little cry from her baby…nothing unusual in that of course. In her sleepy, groggy state the lady in question reached across to her bedside table for her lip balm as she was feeling a tad dry and smothered her lips in the soothing substance. Only it was lip balm she’d picked up. It was only blooming superglue!!!! Imagine that phonecall to the police…!

Jenny from Nutley was our Big Town Showdown player today and she did a wonderful job answering all ten questions correctly in super quick time. She wasn’t quite speedy enough though and now sits proudly in second place on the leaderboard with a time of 36.4 seconds.

Jack paid another visit to the mighty Wimbledon to get the lowdown on everything happening at SW19…



On tomorrow’s show excitement will be mounting ahead of Tom & Jack’s trip to London for a big awards ceremony…and we’ll be delving into the dark world of the private investigation. Ooh!

See you bright and breezy tomorrow.