Jack Shares "The Power Of The Cow"

The boy is BACK! Jack returned from his holiday in Cyprus and the peace was shattered.

He had a great week but was a little upset by the guy sat in front of him on the plane on the way home as he reclined his chair as soon as the seat-belt signs went off. It wasn’t even like the fella in question was having a nap…he just continued to chat to his mates whilst leaning forward. Jack couldn’t keep his trap shut for the whole 4 hours and eventually had a word asking him to put his seat back up in the ‘upright position’. Lyns thought this was fair enough as you really don’t have enough room in economy for those kind of shenanigans but Tom was of the opinion that Jack should quit his moaning and travel in Club Class in future. Are you paying then Tommy?!

One anonymous texter had a great solution. He is an engineer who flies to various places on a weekly basis so he’s designed some clips to attach to the seat in front to stop them from reclining. Naughty. But we like it!!

Did you know it’s Cow Appreciation Week? Well it is and Jack introduced us all to the Power of the Cow! Apparently on any given day we will all see a cow in some shape or form…whether it’s a live one in a field, a cartoon one or a picture of one. Sure enough the cow calls came flooding in! 



On tomorrow’s show we’ve got another chance for you to win 4 VIP tickets to see The Saturdays and The Wanted at the SD2 Festival in Stanmer Park, Brighton this September. You’ll get access to a cocktail bar, a pamper lounge and swanky toilets whilst watching the gig in comfort. Amazeballs!

Plus the Power of the Cow returns…See you in the morning lovelies.