Jack's Bedtime Story

It's Wednesday!!

So it seems that children's bedtime stories are on the up. Apparently parents these days are the best at telling bedtime stories and they're pretty epic. Kids are getting a good hearty 7 minute stories with celebrity cameos!

Jack thought it's really easy to come up with a childrens story for bedtime.
So, me and Tom challenged him to make up a bedtime story.
We started with a talking animal. My suggestion - a Persian cat.
Then Tom added in a location - a desert island
Then we asked you at home to come up with a supporting cast and a moral to the story.
The supported cast was as follows:
A grumpy Parrot - Sharon in Reigate
A naughty monkey - Nessy
A duck billed platapus - Lynn
And finally, the moral of the story..... - the greatness of friendship
Jack had 10 minutes to put his story together and here it is....

Also this morning Dawn got so close to winning tickets to the XFactor tour at the Brighton Centre on March 17th. Unfortunately she got the answer wrong. So tomorrow, that means, we'll be giving away 4 tickets! That's right....4!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you listen at 7.25 to win!
Nic x