Kids Toy Assault Course Of Doom

This Morning Tom and Jack were fed up of Nicola mocking them over their complaints of the pain when accidentally stepping on their kids toys. So, they set up 'THE ASSAULT COURSE OF DOOOOOOOM'. It was a row of kids toys including a piece of Lego, a Thomas the Tank engine and a large metal truck! Nic had to walk over each toy in her socks to experience the painful palavas that Tom and Jack face almost every morning.

Listen below to see how Nicola got on...

Kids Toy Assault Course Of Doom

Tom recently spotted a chap wearing trousers that were a bit like 3/4 lengths, but they only went as high as the sock line, how pointless! Either wear shorts or wear trousers!

Heart breakfast were asking what the most pointless things in the world are. Lots of you text in the show, it seems there are so many pointless things you hate!

- wasps

- Fake pockets

- The 27th - 30th of December

- Cashpoints facing directly into the sun......WHATS THE POINT IN THOSE!?


Don't forget to listen to Heart Breakfast tomorrow morning! After 7 you have a chance for you and 3 friends to go to the Brighton Comedy Festival. Not bad ey?