Kim Cattrall On Heart Breakfast

Aah we do love a Friday…even a rainy one. We had some proper downpours at Heart Towers this morning!

Jack was getting all worked up about ‘cougars’ on the show this morning. Not the actual big cats but ladies of a certain age who date men much younger than them. He can’t believe there are specific websites set up for ladies who favour toyboys to discuss their successes and where the best place to go to find them is etc! Apparently Barcelona is the place to go if you’re looking for a fit young man. You heard it here first ladies! Jo text in to say her and her friends are all in their 40s go on holiday every year looking for romance with somebody young & fun. They’re off to Greece this year ‘to see what the fishing is like’!! (Jo’s words not ours!)

It was the final day of our competition today and Clive in Brighton was the lucky fella who won him and his family £350 worth of National Trust vouchers and a shiny new Samsung digital camera to boot. Well done Clive!

We were buzzing in the studio this morning as just before 8am we go to talk to the absolute Hollywood legend that is Kim Cattrall. She’s appearing in the West End this summer in a brilliant play called ‘Sweet Bird of Youth’ which Kim told us all about. We also asked her the big burning question on everybody’s lips…check it out here!  

Tom is back from his holidays on Monday…and we’ve got a special little treat for him so make sure you’re listening. Mwahahahahahaaaa!!

Have a great weekend people!