Monday: Big News From The Oscars

So it was a full team again today after Tom and Jack returned from their holidays!

There was a real Oscars buzz on Heart Breakfast this morning and we gave you all the gossip you will ever need! We told you who won what, who wore what and we also shared with you the video of poor Jennifer Lawrence......

She raced up to the stage to collect her Best Actress gong and took a tumble on the stairs on the way up! She was absolutely fine although very embarrassed!

Big Town Showdown

Today on the show we had Ben from Seaford on to play the Big Town Showdown!

Now Seaford was already 12th place on the BTS Leader Board so Ben had to have a good round to beat a time of 67.2!

Ben didn't have the best round ever and only got half of the questions right. After time penalties Ben had a final score of 93.9!


On tomorrow's show we talk gadgets! When has one of your gadgets ever let you down in a BIIIIIIIIG way? 

We have a fantastic story to tell you and we will need yours!

See you in the morning!