Monday: Pandas Struggle To Mate

There was more panda talk on Heart Breakfast this morning…..

So a while back we spoke about two pandas in Edinburgh zoo who were being put together to mate. Unfortunately this weekend was the "mating window" for the pandas and they missed it! The male panda Yang Guang was just not interested in the female and didn't do the job!

So Jack thought it might be funny to compile a CD of songs to send the male panda and tell him what a mess he made of the whole breeding situation! Sussex and Surrey as always you never let us down, you came up with some brilliant ones........

Alison said- Ace of Base - All that she want's is another baby

Steve in Steyning- Human League - Don't you want me baby?

Lisa in Worthing- Meatloaf - I'll do anything for love.....but I won't do that!

and "Love don't live here anymore" was a popular choice!

Thanks to everyone that got involved, we loved your calls and texts!

Big Town Showdown

We had a Big Town Showdown debut today from Telscombe Cliffs! The lovely Tara wanted to have a go for the town she loves and she didn't do too badly at all!

In fact Tara's round was so good it put her top of the BTS with a great time of 46.7!! Which town will be on to challenge Tara for the top spot tomorrow?


On tomorrow's show we talk jobs. Is your job easy?? Easier than an orchestra conductor?! We will explain everything tomorrow morning so tune in to get involved......

See you in the morning!