Monday: The Queen's Movie Cameo Roles

Tom and Kaz with you this morning….. The Queen was topic of conversation this morning after hearing she had won a Bafta? Kaz said it's silly because the Queen is not an actress!!

Tom had obviously been hard at work over the weekend compiling the Queens greatest acting scenes to date and it seems she is very good....


Tom, Kaz and Jack at the Brighton Half Marathon 20

Tom is in full Marathon mode with the big day being this Sunday! Tom told us what he has been up to training wise and how he is a battling a cold this week in the hope he will be good for the weekend. He has been out running all over Sussex and Surrey and is nervous for Sunday but very excited to be running with all the Have a Heart runners.

Here is the link to his donations page.

Dig deep if you can! 


On tomorrow's show Jack will be back from his holiday and the whole team will be back together again! Although we are a little puzzled as to where Jack has been! 

I'm sure all will be revealed in the morning. See you from 6am!