Monday: Tom's Wrong Food

So Jack took Tom to the footie over the weekend as a "Boys day out", the only problem is that he was left embarrassed as Tom arrives in a bright yellow fishing coat along with a packed lunch with Egg & Cress sandwiches – I mean really, who on earth eats egg and cress Sandwiches at football match?!?! Tom we think you need to man up a bit! 

Erica called us and she could sympathise with Jack as her husband committed a food sin that trumps Toms. Her fella went to the theatre, settled into his seat and pulled out the most inappropriate food item…A tin of Mackerel (lovely and smelly for everybody). 

Play your stars right

If you haven't heard about our big money competition "Who's on Heart" where have you been? It's your chance to win a life changing £125,000!!! If you won that amount of money we think you might just throw the party to end all parties and have a celeb guest to make it extra special. We took a load of celebs, found out their appearance fees and had a game of "Play Your Stars Right". So is David Dickenson worth more than Alan Titchmarch? Or is Gordon Ramsey better value than Bear Grills? Click below to find out.   


On tomorrow's Show

We ask what makes your grandparents super cool? And we test your general knowledge as we have another round of The Big Town Showdown.