Monday: Tony, Kaz & Jack's Celebalike

An exciting day on Heart Breakfast.... We got hold of a new APP called "A-like" and Tony, Kaz and Jack had some real fun with it!

You take a photo of yourself and it matches your face up to a celeb to tell you who you look like. The catch is, the result will either make you feel amazing or give your confidence a bit of a bashing!

These were this mornings results.....

 Tony, Kaz & Jack Celebalike

So, Tony is a WOMAN, Kaz's celeb match was 25 years her senior and Jack was Captain Kirk from Star Trek!

And today on Heart Breakfast we were giving away tickets to see The Script when they play the Brighton Centre next week!

Basically we have 2 bowls in the studio. 1 bowl had different pieces of film scripts in it and the other was full of different accents. The idea of the game is to pick one of each and our contestant has to work out which movie it is from the script and the dodgy attempt at the accent! Tony went first and he picked a scottish accent and a movie script. 


Debbie from Hailsham guessed correctly that Tony was reading a script from "Pretty Woman" (in a very strange scottish accent)

Well done Debbie!


On tomorrow's show Tom is back from his holiday! But huge thanks to Tony for looking after things whilst Tom has been away.

Listen tomorrow to hear the prank Tony, Kaz and Jack are doing on the boss today! 

See you in the morning!