Most Romantic Lyrics.....

Today is Thursday and the 1st day of Spring!! YES!!

I'm feeling quite 'spring' like today. It's a beautiful day. The sun is shining. The daffodils are beginning to bloom. Quite lovely.

It's been revealed that the most romantic lyrics in a song goes to "Three times a lady" by the Commodores.
"You're once, twice, three times a lady. And I looooooove yooooooooou" 
But that wouldn't really work if you just spoke them. If you were attempting to chat someone up, it would seem weird if you came out with those lyrics wouldn't it?!
So this morning we wanted you to come on and try and chat one of us up using song lyrics to see if it really works.
We had a call from Janet in Haywards Heath who wanted to try her luck at chatting up Jack.
Have a listen to this. Trust me, you WANT to listen to this......
We'll see you bright and early tomorrow from 6. Don't forget tomorrow is your last chance to get on Gary's guest list! You could be seeing Gary Barlow at an intimate gig this coming Monday!! Want to? Listen from 8am tomorrow!!
See ya then!
Nic xx