My Confession!!! (Nic's blog)

Wednesday!! (I always type 'Wednesday' whilst saying in my head 'Wed-nes-day'. Am I the only one that does that?)

This morning was my turn to confess. Confess something I've been keeping secret since I was 17. We've each been owning up to childhood secrets to our parents this week in an attempt to set a good example. Jack spoke to his mum on Monday, Tom confessed to his mum yesterday.

So, I gave my dad a ring on the make it a bit worse, it's his birthday today. I may have ruined his day.
Have a listen to this...
Argh! Awkward!!! SORRY DAD!
Tomorrow it's down to you! We'll be getting one of you, our friends on to confess a secret to your parents live on air!!!
See ya tomorrow!!
Nic x