My Diary!! (Nic's blog)

Morning!! Welcome to Monday, a fresh new week!

First of all, a massive well done to Tom, Jack and all of those who ran the Brighton Half Marathon yesterday. The atmosphere was amazing, the sun was shining and there was so much money raised for charities. A very special well done to those who ran for 'Team Heart'! All the photos from yesterday can be found here.

I treated the boys this morning after their long run yesterday. They must of had really sore feet so I organised for them to have pedicures. 

Tom foot massage

Thankyou very much to Jo from The Lanes Health and Beauty in Brighton who popped in with her foot spa and had to deal with the hard skin of Tom and Jack's feet. Yuck!!

Now this morning was an interesting one for me......
After moving I had a box of stuff laying around and found a few old photos. The problem is, Jack got his hands on my diary!!
It is from when I was around 12ish/ 13ish, and I honestly can't remember what is written in it! Well, Jack has decided that everyday this week we'll be hearing extracts from my diary!! Hahaha!!! Could be interesting!!!

Here is this morning's exert....

AHHHHH!!!! I completely forgot about 'Corrin by boyfriend'!! Haha. Wonder what tomorrow will bring! Listen after 8 to hear it.

Nic xx