My Mum Kissed Another Man!!

Monday Monday Monday. Welcome to a fresh new week!

The weekend was very exciting for me and my mum!

For as long as I can remember, my mum has boasted about how she kissed Barry White when she was 16. "I kissed Barry White! I did! Kissed him on the cheek!"

Yeh, alright mum.

But this weekend, we accidentally stumbled across video footage of her actually kissing Barry White! 


1975, Royal Albert Hall, my mum, aged 16, takes a long run up to plant a smacker on Barry White's cheek! Watch this!...



So we asked this morning if you have ever had anything amazing happen to you at a concert. We had a call from Mark, he has a rather interesting evening whilst ON STAGE with 'Bad Manners'...

Bad Manners Pickles


Make sure you join us tomorrow, from 8:25 as it could be YOU getting a step closer to a luxury weekend at Lingfield Park Resort!

See ya then!

Nic xx