Nic Challenges Tom & Jack's Masculinity

Nicola put Tom & Jack through their paces as she attempted to find out who is "the manliest".

The 1st challenge was "King of the Ping" where they both had to undo 3 bras without looking. Here is how they got on.

In the 2nd challenge, the boys had to show their endurance. The title of the challenge was "Hot to Trot". Nic took them to Zamdani Indian Tandoori restaurant in Hove to face the heat! Have a look at how they got on...

So Tom won! It all came down to the final challenge! The ultimate test of masculinity....STRENGTH. The boys went head to head armed with an inflatable toy on a banana boat, it was best of 3, with the winner being the person who managed to knock the other off the most times. 

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