Nicola's blog!!


It's Nicola here! Yeh! It's my blog now! Mwahahahahaaaaa!!

So, this morning started with Jack drinking his water from a wine glass.....(all the normal glasses were in the dishwasher). So a  posh start to the day i reckon.
Last night was the National Television awards (or NTA's for the cool kids) and Ant and Dec smashed it! They won the Entertainment presenters award for the 13th year running! Can't knock that, they're just superb at everything they turn their hand to. They also won the 'Landmark' award for their 25 years in showbiz! It was an emotional speech. I'm not gonna lie, i got a bit teary eyed.
It was a good evening for 'This Morning' too! They picked up best Daytime show for the 4th year! Beating Jeremy Kyle yet again! Poor Jezza.
Have a wee little listen to this...

Also this morning, we heard a sneak preview of former Westlife member Kian's first solo album! The King of the Jungle is releasing his album in March, the thing is, he's known for being a backing singer. He absolutely nails those 'Oooooooooo's and 'Ahhhhhhh's. Jack got his hands on the ablum advert from his "mate" (whose name keeps changing for some reason)
Wanna hear it? Well do ya?!!!!!!!.......OK then

So, we're going to the charity shop to spend our hard earned cash!!!
Tom's got £4.85, Jack has £38.32 and i've got £21.51 and a swedish coin.
Jack has offered to give Tom £5 towards his outfit.....i'll give him my Swedish coin. Because i'm nice like that.
You'll see our outfits tomorrow. Time to go shopping!!!
See ya tomorrow! Nic xx