Nicola's Retro Celeb

Who had to scrape their car this morning? US TOO! It's Wednesday!

Retro week on Heart Breakfast! This morning Nicola played her Retro celebrity trump card!

Tom, Nicola and Jack have been challenged to find a retro celeb to come on the show. They have no idea who each of them have managed to get. Jack is still waiting to hear back from his. Nicola got hers on the show this morning and it was a good'en!!
80's soul singer JOCELYN BROWN!!! She had huge hits back in the day including her most well known song 'Somebody Elses Guy'! Well played Nicola!
Tom has his retro celeb lined up for tomorrow's show! Who will it be? Tune in from 8am to find out. How exciting!
Also this morning, with it being retro week, it was only right to play 'Guess the retro TV theme into' game!
We had 3 listeners come on to play against Tom, Nic and Jack.
What was your favourite TV theme tune? 
Thanks to Darren, Lucy and Wendy for coming on and playing with us.
It will be another cold night tonight. Maybe you should try Tom's top tip for not having to defrost the car. Place a towel on the windscreen the night before......let us know if it works.
See you tomorrow from 6!