Nic's Blog - 40 Before 40

Welcome to a fresh new week, it's Monday!

Hiya!, Nicola here! Started the day off with with the gossip from last nights Grammy awards. So, it was such big new that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were going to re-unite with a big performance! A Beatles gig! It was gonna be huge!!!..........ummmmm. They performed 2 songs....both of them new tracks. So.....yeh. The long awaited Beatles performance wasn't really 'Beatles-ey', it was Paul singing his new stuff. Yep.

Also this morning, we kicked off '40 things to do before you're 40'.
Jack is turning 40 this year!! He doesn't want to turn 40. Well there's no turning back i'm afraid so we may aswell celebrate it ey?
We want Jack to complete 40 things, however big or small, before he hits the big 4-0.
I started it off. I want him to take part in a food fight with at least 10 other people.
Tom suggested he do a nude photoshoot! Tasteful of course.
We then asked you what you think he should do.....some of you....genius
- Spend the day as a woman
- Spend the morning as a lollypop man
- Sit in the front of a train
- Dye hi hair blonde (not that he has much to dye)
That's just naming a few.
Tomorrow the full 40 list will be confirmed and we'll pop it up on our facebook page.
HA! Some of them will be interesting! Laters taters! See ya tomorrow morning!!
Nic Nac x