No Makeup Selfie.....

It's Fridaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!

Ladies, here is your incentive to sign up for Race For Life! Be part of Team Heart! Here is my 'No makeup selfie' & Tom's 'man up and make up selfie'. Lets raise loads of money for Cancer research UK! GO TEAM HEART!! 

no makeup selfie

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So this morning was just me and Tom holding the fort, Jack is off for a long weekend. We heard about a guy who missed his wedding day after going out for a morning jog and ending up falling in a ditch only to be found at 6pm. He's all ok now but we were wondering if you have ever missed out on a big event or big moment. We had a call from Russell. I honestly cannot get over what he missed out on!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! You HAVE TO listen to this....

Have a great weekend. I'm having my 'boys night' tomorrow. Beer, pizza, baggy jeans and computer games. Nice.
See ya Monday!!
Nic xx